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Yola Stays has carefully selected strategic locations across India to provide travelers with easy access to popular tourist destinations, transportation hubs and local attractions.

Currently, we have hostels in Pune and Jalgaon, with plans to expand to other major cities across the country.

Our hostels are designed to cater to the needs of all kinds of travelers, including students on a budget and backpackers seeking an adventure.

We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our guests and prioritize essential factors such as security, availability of water and electricity facilities, calm and peaceful surroundings, and modern toilet facilities to ensure the comfort of our guests.

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Why Choose Yola Stays for Your Hostel Adventure

At Yola Stays, we prioritize the safety and comfort of our guests. Our hostel chain offers a range of accommodation options and amenities designed to ensure that our guests have an enjoyable stay. Additionally, we are committed to promoting sustainable tourism and reducing our impact on the environment. Our hostels are conveniently located in central areas, making it easy for our guests to explore the local scene and connect with other travelers. Whether you're a budget-conscious backpacker or a student seeking affordable accommodations, Yola Stays is the perfect option for your hostel adventure. Furthermore, our hostels are equipped with essential facilities like security measures, availability of water and electricity, a calm environment, and sanitary facilities to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests.

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